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The audiologist looked at my file and said “I see you’re really active!”

I arrived in Quebec City yesterday as I had to be here for my pre-op appointments at the L’Hotel-Dieu de Québec this morning. The appointments were quick as I have already done a lot of research and don’t have any health problems.

First, I met with Nicholas, an audiologist who recently got a second cochlear implant done himself. The goal of this meeting was for him to help me finalize my choice of CI brand and place the order.

I went with the Cochlear Nucleus 6, which is the one that all the audiologist I have spoken to recommended for me. This one will allow me to use bluetooth options for phones and computers, and hear better in noisy envionments. Unlike others, it is wireless, and also works without a remote control, so, if you forget the remote or *knock on wood* get it stolen, you can still do what you need to do.

I got to have a look at the internal part. This is me trying not to think about how this will be inserted into my head:


Here’s a closer look. See the little spiral part that I’m holding with my fingertips? That’s the part they insert into the cochlea.


Then I got to meet the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. Dr. Richard Bussieres has been performing this surgery for about 20 years.


He checked my ears to make sure there are no infections, and filled some medical forms. Then, a nurse went over with what I should do before the surgery:
– No eating after midnight
– No drinking anything past three hours before the surgery
– Remove all jewelry and makeup
– Use a special disinfectant soap tonight and tomorrow morning before the surgery

Then, I was free for the day and spent the day walking around outside even though it was freezing -15 degrees C!), and ate a lot of junk food.

Next: A report on the surgery!


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Hi Kimberly, good luck. I myself same situation as you my surgery date is Feb 10th. I picked the advanced Bionics ci. Very nervous about it. I hope everything goes well with you. Kurt

Hi Kurt, thanks! I had my surgery last week and it went better than I thought. I’ll have a post about it up soon. Good luck for your surgery! I will think of you on the 10th. Don’t be nervous – the technologies and surgical procedures have gotten so much better and it will be over in no time. I was afraid that I would be in pain after, but I actually wasn’t! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Wish you all the best!

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