Kimberley Chan

You can’t cure deafness

My MRI scan made it to Quebec City. I have no idea what it depicts. Getting the MRI scan done was a bit like the CT scan. They had me lie down on a board, gave me earplug and headphones because apparently the machine made really loud noises (which I could not hear), and told me to try to stay still during the scan. Then they put a sheet over my eyes and I could feel the board move backwards into the tunnel. I could tell it was bright in there, and could feel the board vibrating from time to time. It was over in about 15 minutes.

Now, the cochlear implant commitee, which consists of the audiologist, surgeon, psychologist and a few other members will meet soon to talk about all the potential CI candidates they have met over the past month. They will compare notes and decide whether each patient should go ahead with the surgery.

There’s nothing I can do now but wait (more). I should get a letter of acceptance, or rejection in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I’m still getting messages from people asking if I am back home yet. As much as I hate to say it, the answer is no – and I won’t be back until next year.

Deafness is not something that can be treated overnight.

It’s not even something that people can understand what it’s like unless they go through it. You can simulate blindess by covering your eyes, but no earplugs can bring you close to what it’s like to not hear.

Even though I had a bit of a hearing loss before, I didn’t truly understand what it means to have a severe hearing loss.

Many people ask me, if I can hear a bit, why can’t I just wear a hearing aid?

A hearing aid simply amplifies sounds and makes them louder. When you have a severe hearing loss like I do, it means the inner part of your ear is damaged. So many sounds, especially words, are not clear. People sound like they are talking underwater. Some sounds sound lower or higher pitched than they actually sound. A hearing aid only makes these unclear noises louder. So it makes it worse. Yes you hear louder, but you hear loud unrecognizable and jibberish sounds.

That’s the only little update I have for now. I hope you’re all having a better week!

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