Hey! Welcome…have a seat 🙂

Guess you’re wondering who I am. I’m a writer and communications enthusiast who has always been interested in the ways people across different cultures communicate. I am always immersing herself different cross-cultural experiences and learning about the different techniques and technologies that facilitate communication. I love all types of social media community engagement.

I’m taking some time away from my hometown of Montreal to experience living abroad and to help others become better communicators. I am currently in Seville, Spain, having all kinds of adventures. The traveler’s life is not always easy; I hope you  enjoy my stories and learn a lot from them!

I would also love for you all to get in touch with me.




Note: You’ll see posts from my Hearing Journey blog. In 2015, my life took a turn when I suddenly lost all my hearing and was faced with the challenge of living with very little interaction with “the real world.” Don’t worry, I’m back to normal now. But I learned a lot on the road back and I hope you learn a lot from reading the stories.