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Life Is Too Short – A Poem For Strength

I just wanted to remind everyone that nothing you ever try will be lost.

After going through a year where everything turned it’s tables on me, I kept asking myself “why me?” and at times felt like the most useless human being on the planet.

After reading my blog, a gentlemen named Alex sent me the following poem, telling me that the blog had inspired him to write it. I want to share it with you all and hope that if you ever have to go through a messy path down the road, you’ll remember that you are stronger than you think you are.

Thank you Alex!


Life Is Too Short
By Alex Malnasi

Life is too short
Everyone has their ups and downs
But how you come out of them makes you the person you are
You have the strength to prosper
Everyone sees and feeds off your strength
Knowing nothing will stop you in your quest
Having you in their presence is a gift
Knowing that you have all the power in your hands
Working and working to ensure you succeed
The glow of your message is felt in people’s hearts
Whether they are your family
Whether they are your friends
Whether they are people you work with
Whether they are people that heard what you are going through
Their thoughts are with you hoping for the best
But whatever happens they will always have you in their hearts
They will feed off your struggle seeing you not giving up
Knowing not to give up
Things happen that are out of our control
But you have controlled it in your way
Fighting, fighting like mad to succeed
Trusting everyone that is part of your struggle
Knowing they will be there for you
Knowing you will be there for them
No matter what happens you will succeed
Life is too short to throw away because of struggles
Life is too short to hold your head down
Life is too short to always think about why me?
You have shown everyone the meaning of fighting
Nothing you try will be lost
Life is just too short


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